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t.r.a.p. Philly tv™️ is redefining “trap” with their new online ad free streaming services.  One network with 7 categories of diverse entertainment, ranging from music, educational programming, movies & more!  Viewers can enjoy ad-free content, with no sign ups or hidden costs, from anywhere. 


t.r.a.p. Philly tv™️ is dedicated to showcasing the achievements of the black and brown community of content creators, actors, actresses, music artists and entertainers in film & television.  Through your partnership, we will continue to expand the recognition of the misrepresented family of multicultural film & content creators.  

black indie movie distribution

Are you a filmmaker, producer or director? Do you want to reach a bigger audience?  Email us your work and receive a free review and a free feature on our t.r.a.p. Philly tv network and gmd black film reviews. 

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